Closing Hymn at Trinity Church on the Green – New Haven, Connecticut

Church Service at Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven

October 10, 2010

On my trip to New Haven to hear Professor Thomas Murray play his annual recital, I attended Sunday Service at Trinity Church on the Green. This church has an excellent music program with a long list of distinguished musicians and a very important G. Donald Harrison Aeolian Skinner Organ built in 1935 and restored by the A. Thompson-Allen Company. I recorded the service with my hand held digital recorder. You can listen to the closing hymn played by Benjamin Straley and sung by the choir and congregation.

JAV Recordings made its first recording here way back in 1997 and it is always good to visit again.

Please stand (and click the below link) and sing Hymn # 493 O for a thousand tongues to sing.

This mp3 files is posted with the permission of Walden Moore and Andy Kotylo.

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2 Responses to Closing Hymn at Trinity Church on the Green – New Haven, Connecticut

  1. Robert Deming says:

    As usual our best “foot”is put forth through the medium of music. For 69 years I have listened to The Episcopal Church’s interpretation of this medium and I have founded it to be very satisfying–thank you to Walden and Benjamin for your ministry.

  2. Serban Alecsandru says:

    I think so the angels sing in Heaven.Thanks!

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