Todd Wilson at National City Christian Church, Washington, DC

February 7, 2011- This evening Todd Wilson played an organ recital sponsored by the District of Columbia AGO Chapter in honor of the life of Donald M. Gillett (1919-2010). Todd played works by Karg-Elert, Bach, David Conte, Bizet, Franck, Widor and Youmans on the M.P. Moller Pipe Organ on the ChancelĀ  Organ at the church.

Enclosed is an mp3 file of 2 pieces from this recital: Charles-Marie Widor: Allegro vivace from Symphony #5 and Vincent Youman: Tea for Two. Click the below link and enjoy.

This is released with the permission for Todd Wilson. These are entirely unedited live performances.

Photos from the evening’s recital

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4 Responses to Todd Wilson at National City Christian Church, Washington, DC

  1. Michael A. Valente says:

    We need a CD of this!!! This sound just illustrates the fact that M.P. Moller made some of the best pipe organs in the world, bar none. Both the Mollers and Daniels were family friends, so maybe I am a little bit biased. Still, I play Moller Opus 11712 regularly, and its calvacade of sounds still overwhelme me every time.

  2. Ernest Roth says:

    Brings back memories of the FM-stereo radio program from the 1960′s “Great Pipe Organ Music From Great Churches” sponsored by the M.P.Moller Organ company! Anybody remember that program ? I had just acquired a McIntosh MR71 FM-stereo tuner, and it was wonderful. The beginnings of a life long love affair with the great organs of the world.

  3. Jack Shaum says:

    Todd Wilson’s playing at National City Christian Church is tops–as he always is. Is there any chance that the recordings from this recital can be released on CD?

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