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Day 4 discovery of unknown 4-manual Cavaille Coll with a wooden 32-foot Bombarde

September 20, 2011 After laying down at 4am my alarm went off at 6am. I had an early train to the town of Nancy which is about an hour and 20 minutes from Strasbourg. I met Johann Vexo at the … Continue reading

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Day 3 Recording Ann Elise Smoot on the Silbermann Pipe Organ at Ebersmunster

September 19, 2011 Today I headed over the St. Thomas Church in Strasbourg to make some final arrangements at the church for the recording the pipe organ. I left Fred instructions as to how to get into the church so … Continue reading

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Day 2 Visiting Olivier Latry in the Organ Gallery at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

September 18, 2011 My hotel was very close to Notre Dame so Sunday morning started with the ringing of the bells for Mass, they served as the perfect wake up call – but I could not wait to hear the … Continue reading

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Visit to The Basilica of St Denis and The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris to see their pipe organs

September 17, 2011 The trip started off with an afternoon flight from Dulles Airport arriving in Paris at 6am. I was tired but all charged up for the upcoming recording sessions and to meet Johann Vexo. Johann recorded a CD … Continue reading

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Cologne Cathedral Germany

May 19, 2011 After leaving the Pipedreams Tour group off in Bremen I took a train to Cologne. It was interesting to look out the window and see the changes in the cities and architecture as the train went south, … Continue reading

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