A.R. Schopp’s Sons starts repairs to Our Lady of Refuge Organ Pipes

February 15, 2012

Great progress is being made in both Warrensburg, Missouri and Alliance, Ohio on the Our Lady of Refuge pipe organ, thanks to the hundreds of people who made small donations to the Organ Fund.

The craftsmen at A. R. Schopp’s Sons started taking three of the ranks of reeds out of storage to clean these organ pipes. The organ pipes that are being worked on are the Clarinet, Oboe and Vox Humana.

All of the organ pipes will be inspected for what repairs need to be made. They will all be taken apart, cleaned, have new brass wedges installed to replace the deteriorated wooden ones, have the phosphor-bronze tuning wires replaced and finally they will be given to the voicers. It doesn’t look like many of the scrolls have to be replaced, though it would have been nice if Kilgen didn’t use common metal.

The reeds from the Swell Organ were in very good condition and needed little more than cleaning. A few Oboe pipes have “bowed” but these can be easily repaired. The pipes from the Great/Choir chamber need more work – this is where the leaks through the walls were the worst. This has resulted in bad “sugaring” of many of the Clarinet pipes. Sugaring is another name for oxidation, or “rusting”. This is not a good thing. The Clarinet pipes will be cleaned and scrubbed and given a coat of paint. Some pipes will require metal repair work and a few pipes might need to be replaced with duplicates.

To help us continue our fund raising to finance the re-installation by the Quimby Pipe Organ Company would you click one of the below links to help? Stoplist for the pipe organ at Our Lady of Refuge


MP3 DOWNLOAD of Stephen Tharp that benefits the Organ Fund

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